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The Audience is Amazed by Haikyuu!!! The Dumpster Battle: Peak Cinema

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by cek in oyo
Published: June 8, 2024 (1 month ago)

Haikyuu!!! The Dumpster Battle was full of praise from the audience, answering the fans’ anticipation with a satisfying volleyball match.

Haikyuu!!! The Dumpster Battle received a lot of praise from audiences when it hit theaters globally. The movie answered the fans’ wait with a satisfying volleyball match.

The positive reaction was shared by viewers in various reviews on the specialized social media for movie lovers, Letterboxd. The film successfully scored an average rating of 4.2 from 18,121 users as of Wednesday (5/6).

Most didn’t even hesitate to give the movie five stars. The perfect rating came from 7.8 thousand users, thus dominating the audience rating.

Haikyuu!!! The Dumpster Battle is also filled with 4 stars from 4.2 thousand users to 4.5 stars from 2.5 thousand users.

Most viewers praised Haikyuu!!! The Dumpster Battle as a very satisfying watch. Some users even rated the movie as providing a viewing experience that rivaled Dune: Part Two.

Some viewers also compared Haikyuu!! the Dumpster Battle to Challengers, another sports-themed movie that came out this year. The anime movie was judged to beat Challengers in many ways.

“In my opinion, one of the best viewing experiences so far for me after Dune: Part Two,” said one user who gave a rating of 5, Thursday (5/30).

“I’m sorry Challengers but this is the best sports movie of 2024,” said another user who also gave a perfect rating.

“The wait is worth it! Very good and smooth. They did it so well. Challengers could never be!” wrote one user with a rating of 5.

Almost all viewers who wrote reviews for Haikyuu!!! The Dumpster Battle also highlighted an iconic scene towards the end. The scene featured the long rally of Karasuno High School and Nekoma High School, but witnessed from Kenma Kozume’s point of view.The scene was a satisfying climax for most viewers. Many considered the final scene to be the pinnacle of cinema.

“The cinema reached its peak when we got to see Kenma’s point of view as he was so exhausted playing at the end of the rally, his breathing was so heavy and he was almost out of breath,” said one user.

“I dare say that this is truly cinema. Kenma’s point of view scene made me pull my hair out, the camera work is very satisfying and well executed,” said a user with a 5-star rating.

However, Haikyuu!!! The Dumpster Battle did not escape criticism from some viewers. Dissatisfied viewers were disappointed that the movie did not explore the supporting characters in more depth.

Some viewers also felt that the anime movie lacked substance and only extended the duration of an episode.

Some other comments said the movie was too exclusive for Haikyuu!!! fans. That way, the story becomes difficult for ordinary people to understand because it requires a lot of context.

“A 3.5 year hiatus just to skip dialog and ignore important character rivalries,” said a viewer with a 1.5 rating.

“Most anime movies shown in theaters tend to explain well to people who have never watched, but this one doesn’t,” said another user.

“The movie has no substance. An extended episode with no effort,” wrote a user review that gave a rating of 1.

The movie Haikyuu! The Dumpster Battle continues the fourth season of the anime series To The Top 2.

Haikyuu!!! The Dumpster Battle is a feature-length movie with Susumu Mitsunaka as the director and scriptwriter.

A number of voice actors from the Haikyuu anime series return as seiyuu for this feature-length film. Some of them are Ayumu Murase as Shouyou Hinata, Yuuki Kaji as Kenma Kozume, Yuuichi Nakamura as Tetsurou Kuroo.

The movie Haikyuu! The Dumpster Battle can be seen in theaters or streaming here